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This Italian motorcycle looks so small, the price is over $ 5K

Vespa 946 Christin Dior’s Italian native motorcycle is getting a lot of attention on Facebook for its price tag, along with its sleek looks.

This 155cc automatic motorcycle is most suitable for young people and those who want to try new things, such as: the art of living and long-distance travel. The word “Vespa 946” refers to 1946, the first year of the Vespa motorcycle brand in Italy. The word “Christin Dior” refers to the design and decoration of luxury accessories on the motorcycle, such as the Christin Dior logo, leather luggage and safety. According to a source from the Vespa website itself.


Vespa 946 Christian Dior limit edition motorcycle produces only 946 units! It was created by Parisian fashion house in collaboration with Vespa. The price is about $ 3x, xxx – $ 5x, xxx.

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Chaw Nhchy

សួស្ដី! ខ្ញុំ startup editor បេសសកម្មធំបំផុតរបស់ខ្ញុំ គឺពាំនាំនូវគន្លឺះ ,ព័ត៌មានអំពីគំនិតអាជីវកម្ម ,ភាពជោគជ័យ និងការកម្សាន្ត មកចែករំលែងនៅខេមបូដេលីនេះ ដើម្បីជាការលើកទឹកចិត្ត និងការស្វែងយល់ជូនទៅដល់ប្រជាជនខ្មែរ ។លោកអ្នកមានបំណងចង់ផ្សព្វផ្សាយអាជីវកម្មនៅទីនេះ ឬចង់ចែករំលែកគំនិតរបស់អ្នក សូមទំនាក់ទំនងមកកាន់ខ្ញុំបាទតាមរយៈ Telegram: 093 822 080 ។ សូមអរគុណ!

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