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4 Tips to Remove Age Spots Naturally

Do you know that there are actually ways to remove age spots naturally without going under the knife or purchasing expensive beauty products? Age spots commonly start to appear on the skin in the early forties onwards. These days, many people are concerned about how they look and want to maintain clear young skin with an even tone. Some of the best ways to reduce and remove age spots are to look after your liver, take more antioxidants and spend less time under the sun.

What Are Age Spots and How Are They Formed?

Otherwise known as liver spots, age spots are actually uneven pigmentation that come in varying shapes and sizes. Although they can appear anywhere on the body, they more commonly affect the face, the back of hands and forearms. These are the areas that are exposed to the sun regularly.

Age spots are formed when the skin is exposed to the sun over an extended period of time. This causes the melanin to clump together which results in these pigmentation.

Age Spots Removal Diet

Other than spending loads of money on expensive skincare products or for professional treatments, you may wish to consider solving the problem naturally first. The list below describes the foods that you should eat or avoid to reduce or remove age spots.

1) Foods to Eat to Reduce Age Spots

  • Take more foods that are rich in antioxidant. Try to go for organic vegetables and fruits, especially orange, red or dark green ones. Some examples are apricots, carrots, broccoli, pumpkin, red pepper and tomatoes
  • Try taking Lecithin granules that are available in most health stores. This can help to avoid age spots since it aids the body in eliminating the unwanted fatty deposits. Take 1 tbsp everyday – you can add it to your fruits, yogurt or even cereals
  • Eggs and soy products. These foods are rich in Lecithin as well
  • If you love taking spreads to go along with your food, consider using olive or tahini oil instead of other kinds of spreads or hydrogenated margarine

2) Foods to Avoid to Prevent more Age Spots

  • Reduce the intake of non-organic foods which are commonly high in pesticides and additives
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  • Barbecued and fried foods
  • Dairy products with saturated fats
  • Cakes, meat pies and chocolates
  • Fatty meats
  • Mass produced and refined foods. These foods are often packed with trans and hydrogenated fats with sugar. These contributes to the aging of the skin
  • Alcohol (puts additional strain on the liver)
  • Foods with too much fats they strain the liver as well

3) Remedies to Avoid or Remove Age Spots

  • Consume more essential fatty acids as they can help to reduce the negative effects from the sun. Taking them on a regularly basis will help to keep your skin looking younger for a longer time
  • Take three 50mg potassium chloride tablets every day to help remove the fatty deposits and congestion in the tissues
  • Consume at least 1g of vitamin C daily
  • Take antioxidant supplements that contain Active H. Taking two 250mg tablets daily can help to remove the age spots on the skin
  • Taking Astaxanthin high-strength antioxidant formula can help to neutralize the effects of the free radical reactions triggered by the sun. This antioxidant can be found in marine algae that flamingos feed on

4) Other Useful Tips

  • If you love to sunbath, then do not let the skin to burn and turn bright red. Start to protect your skin from an early age – tan gradually and do not let the skin to burn
  • Stop smoking if possible. Cigarettes age the skin
  • Apply SPF 15 sun screen before going under the sun
  • Moderate sunlight is healthy to the body but avoid prolonged tanning under the sun
  • If you prefer to spend more money in age spots removal, then consider glycolic acid creams or you can go for modern laser treatments. Seek help from an experienced doctor or dermatologist for this.

Going under the knife or laser is by far the fastest way to treat this condition – however, they are also the most expensive options. Otherwise, remember to always exercise patience because other ways to remove age spots will usually take a much longer time before you start to see any improvements.


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