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Key 3 Powerful Leadership

Leadership is known as the foundation of everyone in self-leadership, others, friends or team … In any case, leadership must be within you to lead yourself or your teammates toward the goal of success.

1. Every problem has to be solved, do not try to escape or leave

Great leaders are brave enough to deal with any problem, trying to solve it well. In spite of the plummeting circumstances, effective leaders are willing to face these challenges without shunning them. In addition, “the staff needs leaders who are willing to fight, solve, solve and win the real thing.”

2. Overcome trust

Employees are known to be more honest and satisfied in a job or job environment led by a manager they trust. There are many ways for employees to feel and do this:
– You can use employee focus for each job.
Do not interfere too much in their personal affairs, but can indirectly encourage them by asking for their children’s education and practice or sports.
– Always show no cunning that leaders are interested in employee success and discuss their career prospects.
When the employee, seller, or anyone else has done something wrong, do not try to criticize, repress, or correct him in anger. You must calmly explain the error situation and indicate why their actions or actions were wrong, as well as what you would like them to do in the future. When they know that you are such a leader and that they care about their heart, the staff will trust and trust you with long-term support.


3. Still curious and creative

An excellent leader is always eager to hear from the staff or subordinates, and continues to study for himself. They are all about finding out about things and finding new ideas, discoveries and information. The best leader is aware of the new developments and trends that come from everywhere, and always looks for knowledge or staff or subordinates who can give him or her feedback and give value or merit. To their benefit.

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Chaw Nhchy

សួស្ដី! ខ្ញុំ startup editor បេសសកម្មធំបំផុតរបស់ខ្ញុំ គឺពាំនាំនូវគន្លឺះ ,ព័ត៌មានអំពីគំនិតអាជីវកម្ម ,ភាពជោគជ័យ និងការកម្សាន្ត មកចែករំលែងនៅខេមបូដេលីនេះ ដើម្បីជាការលើកទឹកចិត្ត និងការស្វែងយល់ជូនទៅដល់ប្រជាជនខ្មែរ ។លោកអ្នកមានបំណងចង់ផ្សព្វផ្សាយអាជីវកម្មនៅទីនេះ ឬចង់ចែករំលែកគំនិតរបស់អ្នក សូមទំនាក់ទំនងមកកាន់ខ្ញុំបាទតាមរយៈ Telegram: 093 822 080 ។ សូមអរគុណ!

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