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The way of thinking of the most successful and the richest people


Successful people are different from the average person in setting the mindset, seizing the opportunity and turning ideas into reality. The human mind is powerful because it can lead a successful life away from success. The CEO of Facebook once said, “People can be smart or have special skills, but if they do not believe in what they have, they will not try to reach the limit.”

The most successful people are the ordinary people who have a bigger mindset than life. By looking at how they perceive the world and how they react to it, you too can become successful.

1. Open to criticism: Cher Wang, CEO of HTC, claims that “people need to be humble to know that we do not know everything and that we must always learn and observe.” Wealthy and successful people are always motivated to learn. Starting to learn new skills will lead to personal development.

2. Love failure: Bill Gates used to say that it is good to celebrate success, but more importantly, to pay attention to the lessons of failure. The rich are not afraid to fail, unlike the average person who does not dare to try. Successful people are in control of almost every single situation, and they do everything they can to achieve their goals, even if they know they will fail.

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Chaw Nhchy

សួស្ដី! ខ្ញុំ startup editor បេសសកម្មធំបំផុតរបស់ខ្ញុំ គឺពាំនាំនូវគន្លឺះ ,ព័ត៌មានអំពីគំនិតអាជីវកម្ម ,ភាពជោគជ័យ និងការកម្សាន្ត មកចែករំលែងនៅខេមបូដេលីនេះ ដើម្បីជាការលើកទឹកចិត្ត និងការស្វែងយល់ជូនទៅដល់ប្រជាជនខ្មែរ ។ប្រសិនបើអាជីវកម្មរបស់អ្នកមានបញ្ហា ឬចង់ចែករំលែកគំនិតរបស់អ្នក សូមទំនាក់ទំនងមកកាន់ខ្ញុំបាទតាមរយៈ Telegram: 093 822 080 ។ សូមអរគុណ!

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