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If young children become infected with OMICRON, they will be the first to develop this type of symptom.

Although Omicron has evolved three to four times faster than other types of mutated viruses, the rate of infection among children is increasing day by day.
Dr. Passorn Bunyahotra, pediatrician of Infectious Diseases at Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital in Thailand, said that compared with children who had been vaccinated against Kovid, adults were less likely to have symptoms.

Because the severity of the disease is reduced after the Kovid vaccination. But in fact, the severity of the omicron in children is rare. The study found that omicron infection in children was mild.
But the Kovid vaccine is still in high demand for children because they have to go to school. If a child is unknowingly infected, the virus will spread quickly, so vaccination will reduce the spread of the disease and the outbreak can be controlled.



In addition, children with congenital diseases such as obesity, heart disease, and respiratory diseases need to be vaccinated, as an infection can cause serious symptoms.
In particular, the symptoms that occur after a child is infected with an omicron will cause inflammation of organs and systems throughout the body due to an abnormally high immune system.
May cause some of the first symptoms, such as fever, rash, red eyes, red lips, if the symptoms worsen, the child may need to be taken to the emergency room (ICU).

Therefore, parents with young children should get their children vaccinated at a location close to home so that the child is immune to help protect against both Kovid and other metabolic viruses, especially omicron, which are spreading throughout Cambodia. .

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