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What a relief to put the nation in a state of emergency


When the country is in a state of emergency, how much authority does the government have in managing the country in an emergency? The draft Law on the Administration of Emergency Situations provides the Royal Government 12 powers as seen in Article 5 of the The draft law on national emergency management includes:

1. Prohibit or restrict the right to freedom of movement.

2. Prohibits or limits the right to freedom of assembly or assembly.

3. Prohibits or limits the activity, occupation or occupation.

4. Prohibit or restrict the person from leaving any residence or place of residence.

5. Introduce appropriate measures or quarantine in case of public health emergencies caused by outbreaks.
6. Roll out measures related to deportation and evacuate people in response to emergencies.

7. Implement measures related to disarmament, managing the assets and services necessary to respond to emergencies. The procedure for reimbursement and compensation shall be determined by the Royal Government. (This does not specify if it is a state or private property, but is more likely to refer to a private one).

8. Implement measures related to pricing of goods and services that are necessary to respond to emergencies.

9. Introduce any measures related to the closure of any public or private facilities necessary to respond to emergencies.

10. Implement monitoring and monitoring measures to access information through all forms of telecommunications in order to respond to emergencies.

11. Prohibit or restrict the distribution or dissemination of information that could cause public fear or upheaval or which is detrimental to national security; or Makes confusion about the state of emergency.

12. Introduce other measures that are appropriate and necessary to respond to emergencies.

In addition to handing over these 12 powers to the Royal Government, Article 5 also states that measures taken during a state of emergency can be taken Deployed for a specific country or territory.

The drafting of a law on the management of a state of emergency is in accordance with Article 22 of the Constitution. Article 22 of the Constitution states that when a nation is in danger, the King shall make a public declaration of a state of emergency Approval from Prime Minister, President of the National Assembly and President of the Senate

The Royal Government calls on the people, the state and civil society to worry about making emergency laws. The Royal Government argued that the law was not intended to restrict people’s freedom.

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Tan Eric

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