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Ms.Ban Samros tells 5 short tips to buy a house

Today, Cambodia is completely peaceful under the leadership of the Royal Government, the Cambodian economy is moving forward rapidly, which has led to the proliferation of condominium and house projects from the suburbs near the downtown area. Cities, industrial areas, and along major national roads. But for those who want to buy a house for the first time, you also need to check carefully on these points to avoid problems in the future, because some home sellers or crooks often tell customers false information, such as the location of the project near the area. Develop a factory road project that makes it easy for buyers to find real information quickly.

To be the key for everyone to make a good decision to buy a house, she is a beauty consultant and personal assistant of the CEO of Star5 Developers Pvt. Ltd. (Star5 Developers Pvt., Ltd). “Those who want to buy a house should look at these five points to avoid problems in the future,” said a short interview with The Cambodia Daily.

1. View project location

Location is a major factor influencing the rise in property prices and rapid development. Location is a very important factor in providing a comfortable, secure and resilient living space for profit. However, there are some areas can not live where there is a very busy both production and transport, toxic fumes and noise.


2. View construction quality

Construction quality is one of the main issues you should be aware of that can affect the safety of your life and affect the resale. You should visit the house under construction or inquire about the strength, quality of construction. Of the house. On the other hand, the next thing is access to electricity, water, sewage and garbage storage, which are all necessary for a healthy life.



3. Check home mode

The style of the house is also important for the modern civilized life, because if the style of the house looks beautiful and modern, the interior design is spacious and very high, it provides convenience in Living healthily and especially can sell out fast in the future.


4. Inquire about the project owner’s development plan

You need to ask the development plan for the clarity of each project, what to do next after the completion of the first, second, etc. to become a development area and attract more people to live. These projects can include: markets, gardens, gyms, electricity, water, public and other places that promote the potential to attract people to live.


5. Check the legality of construction or construction permit

You should know some of the history or previous projects of that company and ask the local authority or the owner of the housing project to check the legitimacy of the project.


“All this knowledge is the experience that the buyer has experienced and there are some things that we did not know before buying a house,” she said. She added that in line with the company’s vision and long-term vision of Star5 Developers Pvt. Affordable condominium and house project in the living area near the town, quality housing construction, strong standard, healthy living.

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